30 Free Security, Encryption, Firewall and Antivirus Apps for Windows OS

90% of computer users in the world used Windows OS. As we all know, Microsoft Windows is vulnerable to all types of virus, spyware, malware and etc etc.

So to all my dear friends, before you want to buy that expensive anti-virus or firewall, please refer to this list below. Cause all the anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc etc listed below are FREE.

1. TrueCrypt – free open source disk encryption that works in real-time.

2. GnuPG – a free open source alternative to PGP, the public key encryption software.

3. Steganos Locknote – allows you to encrypt your sensitive data such as bank account details and account passwords as Locknotes.

4. AntiVir is anti-virus software that features a resident background monitor and a manual hard drive scanner.

5. AVG Free features a resident background monitor, manual hard drive scanner, continuous email scanner, and the ability to repair files affected by virii.

6. avast! is a free anti-virus comparable to AVG, though it requires you register an account with the company in order to use the software.

7. ZoneAlarm Firewall is an effective stand-alone program including the firewall component of the larger commercial offering, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

8. Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition is another free personal firewall, albeit with a somewhat contradictory name.

9. Windows Privacy Tools is a collection of apps for digital encryption and content signing. Multilingual.

10. Online Armor Personal Firewall (Free Edition) is a free personal firewall alternative to Online Armor’s commercial applications.

11. Cryptainer LE is free 128-bit encryption software from Cypherix.

12. Comodo Firewall Pro is a free personal firewall with a built-in anti-virus scanner.

13. Adeona is a free open source application for tracking your stolen laptop.

14. RISING Antivirus is free anti-virus software with resident background monitoring and on-demand scanning.

15. WIPFW is a packet filtering and account firewall based on FreeBSD’s IPFW.

16. CryptoExpert 2008 Lite protects your data by creating files that serve as encrypted virtual disks.

17. Comodo doesn’t just offer a free firewall, it offers a free virus-squasher too.

18. PC Tools offers a free anti-virus application among its group of commercial programs.

19. E4M is a free, open source encryption application. While it’s no longer supported by the developer, it is still available for download.

20. SoftPerfect Personal Firewall is another free network firewall with user-defined rules for blocking or accepting incoming connections.

21. Darik’s Boot and Nuke is a boot disk that’ll allow you to securely erase your hard drives, ensuring nobody can recover your credit card details after they find your drive at the dump.

22. Secure Delete allows you to securely delete a file or folder (rather than your whole hard drive) by trashing your selection and then overwriting it with random data, making it unrecoverable.

23. Dubaron DiskImage is a hard drive backup and partition restore application.

24. Forensic Aquisition Utilities includes tools to perform a secure system wipe so that data becomes unrecoverable.

25. Jetico Personal Firewall is a free personal firewall that’s better than most other options if you have an older system, that is, earlier than Windows XP.

26. Eraser is a secure data eraser for all Windows operating systems and even DOS.

27. SelfImage allows you to make an exact copy of your hard drive in a disk image for later backup.

28. SDelete is a free secure delete application for the command line from Microsoft themselves.

29. SunbeIt Personal Firewall is the rebranded version of the very popular Kerio Personal Firewall (there’s a free and a commercial version).

30. Autoclave, while no longer supported by its developer, is still useful because it’s a secure disk wiper that you can run from a floppy disk.

(I rip this from lifehack.org)

  1. bern said:

    but all these free ones good enough anot? as in, can they protect as well as or better than norton, etc?

  2. desmondtingls said:

    All these free stuff are as good as any paid anti-virus applications. But of course you have to be careful where you are surfing and you don’t open an attachment in your email if you don’t know who is the sender, right? I am using freeware for all my computers at home and in my office. So my conclusion is these free softwares ROCKZ!!

  3. Jo said:

    Dez, the AVG that I downloaded that time got problem lei.. cannot update anymore.. so i am uninstalling it.. Which one should i upload?

  4. desmondtingls said:

    It’s not cannot update. I was having problem with it a few day ago too. I think its AVG server problem. Well you can try Avast anti-virus, all you have to do is to register with them and they will send you a serial number.


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